Welcome to our fashion democracy

Everything is open to debate. Fashion too.
There is no limit to imagination when it comes to clothing.
Rules don’t count when you are free from obligations and constraints.
There is no style code to respect, when even an unexpected piece of clothing like the tracksuit becomes much more than just a simple “weekend attitude”.


Timeless heir to the streetwear and sportswear culture, today more than ever the tracksuit has assumed a leading role in our wardrobe.
Once the standard uniform of home comfortwear, today it is still master of comfort but it has taken a leap towards a new step in style.
Or at least that’s what Debate has aimed to do with its all-Italian streetwear concept.

Our Vision

Sporty but chic, made for ordinary people, taken liberally from large urban centers, from the 80s and 90s aesthetics, from the old VHSs, from the hipster neighborhoods of New York – Williamsburg above all – with their graffiti and their bright colors.
Debate has created quality garments while trying to keep this energy alive.
An energy that comes from the love for cities that burst with life, where every corner becomes a source of inspiration, from the vitality that a simple 1980s print manages to evoke, with its nostalgia.

A community of free spirits

Debate is a community of free spirits, an agora for debate where fashion can be conceived and rethought, where encouragement means always living according to one’s own rules and style.

Feel free to be yourself: there is no better garment.

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